MapQuest Demos


Locator with declutter, custom interface and nearby POIs.

Home Depot Store Finder with custom zoom control and poi infowindows.

Papa John's store locator and online ordering!

Locator with polygon events for decluttering.

Locator with interactive list and map views.

Sample application showing several popular functions used by several developers. Get source code from the Developer Network.


Massage locator. Enough said.

Simple and clean store locator.

Using MapQuest Open tiles to display and explore data layers.

Draggable bike routes using MapQuest Open services.

Drag & pan interface with navigator window and nearby POIs.

Search for restaurants and filter by neighborhood, cuisine, etc.

See CNN iReport stories on a map. (AS3/Flash SDK)

Interactively find golf courses based on private, public, etc. (AS3/Flash SDK)

Amazing heat map visualizations of point data, including Wal-Mart openings, public crime data, etc. (AS3/Flash SDK)

Find Sheetz locations along your route. (AS3/Flash SDK)

See geocoding, with result code.

An Adobe AIR desktop application that combines your digital photos with trips logged in your GPS device. (AS3/Flash SDK)

Interactive map-based home community search.

Real estate search plus build your own customized driving tour.

See Man vs Food locations nationwide.

Find dealers by drive time and brand.

Adobe Flex developer site with loads of demos and sample code.

Developer easy. Developer friendly. Everything you'll need to develop killer location based apps. Tons of code samples and live demos.